If you throw it will they come?

Throw a ball that is… the answer seems to be yes, despite these hard financial times there is a lot of enthusiasm for our Charity Ball next month. We had heated discussions about what to charge, with some people worried that £75 was too much but others pointing out that similar events often charge over £100 – and because of the prestigious central London venue and the fact it includes a three course meal with drinks and a fantastic band playing it was really good value for money!
We have just about reached 100 tickets sold now, which means we’re already making money for our charities and we hope that lots more people will come – especially from the local area – to make this event HUGE!

Auctioneer needed!

One thing we don’t have is an auctioneer – we’ll be offering 10 great lots to help raise money for St Georges Hospital and MNDA, including tickets to Goodwood and diamond earrings – but it takes skill and it would be great if anyone can offer any suggestions about who could help!


Plans for the Ball swing into action

We’re really seeing lots of interest in the FACE ball, from friends and neighbours and also St George’s Hospital, MND and even some firemen. We hope to be selling the tickets in the next couple of days and then sort out the tables.

We’ve been given the menu which is looking delicious, the band is booked, the venue sorted –  soon we can start thinking about what to wear!

you shall go to the ball!