About FACE

We are a group of neighbours and friends in the Furzedown area of Tooting Bec, South London, who are hosting annual charity events to raise money for causes affecting local people close to us.

This year there are two important causes we are focusing on; helping those in South London with Motor Neurone Disease and improving the experience of teenagers with cancer being treated in St George’s Hospital.

Gareth Svensson, one of the founding members of FACE, sadly passed away on
the 24th March. He had been fighting Motor Neurone Disease for 2 years, but that didn’t stop him wanting to help others in South London with the same condition.
Hundreds of people packed St Pauls church to tribute to him, and we remembered his generosity, good humour and courage. As a father with three young children
he found the charity MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association) incredibly
supportive for him and his family.

The money we raised last year provided families in South London with specialist equipment, therapists and grants and we want to do even more this year in memory of Gareth. 

Clare was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 16. St George’s Hospital provides world-class treatment and she has recovered well. But her time in hospital was marred by the fact there are no wards or facilities for teenagers, so she had to go on an adult ward with many elderly patients. She had no one to talk to and nothing to do, she felt isolated, scared and lonely.

The money we raised last year for resources like computers, ipods and a games library made St George’s Hospital realise how important this was. They are now planning a dedicated chill-out room for young people undergoing long-term cancer treatment and we want to help fund & equip this room.


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